We work hard here at Bay Prairie Outfitters to ensure you not only have good hunting, but a great overall experience. See what people are saying below!

Mike and his crew have consistently delivered a quality hunting experience to my group for the past 8 seasons—– scouting the birds, setting up blinds and decoys, and hunting where the birds are—-a new custom hunt twice a day! You just can’t get this kind of hunting on your own back home. Bruce West

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Mike for some very enjoyable hunts. We have been hunting with him for the past (7) years and it has been a real pleasure.

Needless to say some hunts were better than others but Mike always makes it as enjoyable as he can. The accommodations, food, travel to and from the field have been the best anyone can provide in Canada.

My Brother & I along with several other friends (who are all over 55 years old) are waterfowl hunters from South Louisiana. We have limited supplies of waterfowl here anymore so we always look forward to making our annual hunt with Mike. He knows we like to shoot Canada’s and he and his team work very hard to make sure we have some good hunts.

The air travel to and from Canada is always hit and miss but once we get there we know we will have a good time. If you’re looking for an outfitter that will work very hard to ensure you have a good hunt and enjoyable time I highly recommend contacting Mike @ Bay Prairie Outfitters.

Happy Hunting

Wayne Broussard

Picking a new area to hunt and especially a guide you have never met can be like playing The Price is Right TV show.  Lots of money for the “eeny-meeny-miney-mo” game.  My friends and family have hunted with Mike every year since that first pick.  Never left without the birds, happy memories and a booking for the next year.


Stephen E. Titus

Mike and his crew do a great job. Our hunts are well planned and are based upon the scouting done the previous day. We hunt where the birds are staging. The food and accommodations are first class.

Charlie Watson

Mid Sept 2015, 11 hunters made up of Scots, Welsh and English made the long trip to Saskatchewan Canada for a waterfowling hunting trip with Mike Ladnier of Bay Prairie Outfitters, we had hunted with Mike in Texas before, but this was our first trip to Canada. We were not disappointed, over the next 4 days Mike and his staff worked tirelessly to provide us with some fantastic Goose and Duck hunting, complete with first class accommodation. anyone wanting to hunt waterfowl in Saskatchewan should give Mike a call, you can be sure of some brilliant hunting.

Davie Campbell