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If you’re looking for a quality Saskatchewan duck and goose hunting experience, look no further! We provide a unique experience like no other. Feel free to give us a shout if you’d like more information.



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2015 Saskatchewan Waterfowl Harvest Averages




Canada Geese


Snow Geese



Saskatchewan Crane HuntsBay Prairie Outfitters(BPO & P, INC.) is licensed to operate in Saskatchewan, Canada , a bucket list location for every waterfowler.
We offer a 3-day Saskatchewan waterfowl hunt package with a minimum of 6 hunters for a private group. If less than 6 we reserve the right to add hunters to make up a group. If you prefer more than 3 days we can customize your hunt to meet your needs. The three day package includes:

3 guided morning waterfowl hunts
2 guided afternoon duck or goose hunts
3 nights of lodging with meals
License and Stamp
Beretta A300 Outlander shotguns provided, shotgun shells included
Bird Processing

Normally our hunts are from Monday through Wednesday or Thursday through Saturday. However, we can now hunt on Sundays also. We are located 2 hours east of Regina in the lower eastern part of the province. However we operate in 5 zones and will go where the birds are to provide the best waterfowl experience possible. The zones are known for holding plentiful numbers of ducks, geese and cranes. Some of the best shooting experiences ever occur in Saskatchewan and we are in the heart of the flyway. We hunt over barley, peas and wheat fields mostly for mallards, Canada geese, snow geese, and cranes. Your waterfowl experience will begin by flying into the city of Regina and renting a car. That afternoon we will meet you at your lodging facility and will have your license and shells ready. ( Please remember our hunt package includes providing shotguns for your hunt so traveling will be less hassle. If you prefer bringing your own gun it’s not a problem). The next morning a continental breakfast will be provided and we will leave around 4:00 a.m. You will follow your guide to and from the field. We use only the best hunting equipment to insure a quality hunt for you. Decoys, willow blinds or layout blinds , calling, etc. will be provided. Normally the hunt will be over by 10:00 a.m. and we will return for lunch. Later that afternoon, we will go out on an afternoon duck hunt if you have not limited out that morning. Another option would be afternoon snow goose hunting. That evening a great dinner will be provided and we will awake you the next morning to begin again. The thrill of hunting waterfowl in Saskatchewan is a waterfowler’s dream. Book a hunt with us and experience dream come true!

DUCKS – Sept. 01 thru Dec. 15th
8 daily of which only three may be pintails. Possession: 3 day limit
DARK GEESE – Sept. 08 thru Dec. 15th
Includes Canada and white – fronted geese. Limit 8 daily of which only 3 may be white – fronted geese. Possession: 3 day limit
GEESE – WHITE GEESE – Sept. 01 – Dec. 15th
Includes white and blue phase snow geese and Ross’s geese. 20 daily limit. Possession : 60
SANDHILL CRANES – Sept. 01 – Dec. 15th
Limit 5 daily. Possession 3 day limit
THE HISTORY OF TEXAS GOOSE HUNTINGBay Prairie Outfitters has been in existence guiding waterfowl hunts since 1988. In 2014, I stopped doing hunts in Texas and decided to focus mainly in Canada where there are an abundance of birds during the months of September and October. My main goal has always been to provide quality hunts and service and it was no longer doable along the coast of Texas.  The migration has shifted outside of our areas, due to a variety of factors. Simply put, the quality of hunting in Saskatchewan is World Class!!! Once you do it you will want to keep coming back.  I greatly appreciate everyone who hunted with me in Texas and hope that they will consider following me up in Saskatchewan.Sincerely,Mike Ladnier – BPO & P, INC.

What We Offer

If you haven’t field hunted for mallards, you’re missing out in one of the great wonders of waterfowl hunting!  Not only will you see large numbers of mallards, but various others species such as pintail, gadwall, widgeon, etc.  Expect to see large amounts of ducks most years, especially on wetter years with a lot of moisture in the area.  About half of our harvest in 2015 was ducks.
Migrant Canada geese as well as locals are found here in abundant numbers.  Most of our feeds are in the thousands, and we hunt Canada geese in Saskatchewan different ways, depending on the situation.  We do target Canadas often for those who’re interested.
We are located in a major flyway and staging area for traveling snow geese.  We typically have them around in good numbers in the middle to later part of the season.  Due to our 5 zones and LARGE areas to cover, those interested in hunting snow geese can expect to travel a bit more depending on the time of the year.  Some years we’re covered up and other years they can hang north.  It all depends on the migration.
For those interested in hunting cranes, we have them around all season and it gets better as the season progresses.  These are a weary and majestic bird that has amazing vision and flat out delicious.  We’ve been harvesting more and more every year up north, so for those interested they offer a unique style of hunting like no other.  A locked up crane over the decoys is a sight to see!

  • Ducks 51%
  • Snow Geese 10%
  • Canada Geese 31%
  • Cranes 8%

What You Need to Know…


You must have a passport.


Beretta A300 Outlander shotguns are provided as a convenience, with shotgun shells included.  If you do want to bring your own, we would recommend you bring two shotguns. One for back up just in case you have a malfunction problems. You will need to register your guns with U.S. Customs in order to bring them back over the border from Canada. Be sure your gun case is airline approved.


In order to bring shotguns into Canada, print out a Non-resident Firearm Declaration form CAFC 909.  This form needs to be filled out in triplicate. Do not sign. Wait until you are in front of a custom agent and then sign. Another way is to pre-register by calling 306-975-4755 ext. 2

If you have had any criminal offense, even a DUI, contact Canada Border Crossing services at 800-438-7020.

Sasktchewan Duck and Goose Hunting Photos

What You Need to Bring…

  • Camo Clothing, layered is ideal. Temps average 25 to 60 in Sept. & colder in Oct.
  • Waterproof clothing, gloves and warm boots
  • 12 ga. Shotgun 3 or 3.5″ (modified or improved) – We do provide shotguns to make it easy, but you CAN bring your own.
  • Face Mask
  • Camera
  • Calls – if you would like to participate please join in with the guide
  • Alarm Clock
  • Cooler for your birds
Saskatchewan Duck Hunting


What is included in your hunt?
  • Lodging and Meals
  • Three Guided Morning Hunts and
    Two Guided Afternoon Hunts
  • License and Stamp
  • Beretta A300 Outlander shotguns provided and Shotgun Shells (3″ provided)
  • Bird Processing (Birds will be breasted
    with one wing left on)
What is not included in your hunt?
  • Airfare
  • Airport Pickup
  • Transportation to and from the field
  • Alcoholic beverages
How do we book our hunt?
To book the dates of your choice, make reservations early. We usually do book out.
A 50% deposit is required to confirm reservations with the balance due no later than Aug. 15th.
We accept Checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
Deposits are non refundable, cannot be applied to someone else’s balance nor applied to an upcoming season.

Mike and his crew do a great job. Our hunts are well planned and are based upon the scouting done the previous day. We hunt where the birds are staging. The food and accommodations are first class.

Charlie Watson

Picking a new area to hunt and especially a guide you have never met can be like playing The Price is Right TV show. Lots of money for the “eeny-meeny-miney-mo” game. My friends and family have hunted with Mike every year since that first pick. Never left without the birds, happy memories and a booking for the next year.

Stephen E. Titus

Mike and his crew have consistently delivered a quality hunting experience to my group for the past 8 seasons – scouting the birds, setting up blinds and decoys, and hunting where the birds are – a new custom hunt twice a day! You just can’t get this kind of hunting on your own back home.

Bruce West

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