I get this question all the time. Here’s my viewpoint on it.

The answer is both months of September and October are good. It depends on when you can get away to hunt. If you come early you’re going to get a lot of local birds plus some migrating birds. When you get into October the migration will be in full swing. I’ve also cannot say enough about how good the hunting gets in late October thru the first week in November. It’s outstanding to say the least.  It seems like everybody wants to come the last week in September and the first week in October. The reason is because they feel everything will be in full migration.  That use to be the case by that vary by the season. I’ve been blessed guiding in Saskatchewan 10 years now and have seen lots of changes. I don’t believe that holds water anymore.

In September you can depend on Canada geese, mallards and sandhill cranes; with a few snow geese.  It’s all good!  We have some awesome shoots in September and normally the weather is very mild.
Come October it will be Canada geese, mallards, sandhill cranes and snows. A lot of guys think don’t book past October 15th because everything will be froze up. This is not true. We are starting to see a lot more migration of birds between October 15th thru October 31st. In our area the snows really pick up from about October 10th till the end of October. I’m not saying it could not freeze but the last 5 years I’ve left with birds everywhere. For example, this past hunting season I counted 3 good fields within 3 miles from the farm house that were limit shoots.

That being said we plan to hunt thru the first week in November. You will be surprise to see how many birds there are and how few people are hunting them. Saskatchewan is truly world class waterfowling!!!  So, don’t count out late October and early November. It seems like as the season goes on it just gets better and better.

So what month works best for you?