I always get questions about the border and what to be aware of going into Canada and coming back into the United States.

I’m just going to address the high points that I talk with my customers about and it pertains only to waterfowl hunting.

Ok, you booked your hunt and plan to drive up and cross the border. The first thing you have to have is a passport of course. If you don’t have one it normally takes about 3-6 weeks to get one after applying. The next step I would recommend strongly that you go to your nearest US Customs Office and get your guns registered. You only have to do this one time. The registration is valid for those guns only. It will save you time and hassle either going through an airport or transporting by vehicle. The good news is that it’s free. However, you have to do this in person and bring the shotguns with you to the Customs office. When I registered my guns they wanted to see them. The form is called a Certificate of Registration CBP form 4457. When you arrive at the port of entry you will need to have Form RCMP 5589/CAFC 909 filled out with your information on your shotguns for entering Canada. You can find this information on my website. The cost is $25.00CND per personal registration. You will need to pay that at the border. This document is valid for 60 days

If you are driving up and want to bring your own shotgun shells you are allowed 200 rounds duty free. Anything after that a duty charge will apply up to 2000 rounds total. Anything above 2000 you have to have a permit. If you are hunting with me, I would not recommend you bring any shells. Your package will include unlimited shotgun shells for your hunt.

The same thing applies with shotguns. I provide the shotguns which is part of the hunt package.

***Please note that if a person has a criminal record or DUI, entry into Canada may not be permitted. It should be noted that Driving Under the Influence convictions are considered a criminal offense in Canada. Individuals with criminal records without waivers can be refused entry. A DUI can be cause to deny entry. I want to make everyone aware of this before they book a hunt.

I’m not the expert in that area but if you need help or more information please contact Beyond Borders Immigration Consulting Ltd. At 306-599-9295 and ask for Kara. I highly recommend her.

The last step is coming back into the US with your birds. When you hunt with Bay Prairie Outfitters we do all the processing and packaging of your birds along with tagging them.
The main concern is to fill out Form 3-177 which is a Declaration for Importation or Exportation of Fish or Wildlife. I will give you the form before you leave and help you with filling it out. That will save you some time when coming back into the states. Please note when transporting birds back into the US that you are only allowed to have in your possession the birds that you have harvested. You cannot bring back anyone else’s birds.

For those who have not been to Canada and are thinking about going I hope this has been helpful. If I missed something or have a question please let me know.

Just remember Bay Prairie Outfitters Duck and Goose Guided package includes shotguns and shells. We make it hassle free. Basically all you need are your clothes and boots.

Good Hunting.

Mike Ladnier
Bay Prairie Outfitters