Here’s some information to consider before making your trip to Saskatchewan.

When you book a trip with Bay Prairie Outfitters you have everything taken care of except your transportation. Once you arrive everything is ready to go for you to have a great experience.

The most important thing before arriving is to practice shooting. Did you know that guides are not allowed to carry a gun when they are guiding in Canada? I agree with this and endorse it. My hunters are paying to have the best experience possible and they should be the only ones shooting.

That being said every year when a new group arrives there will be several hunters in the group who have not picked up a gun since last season. I can’t express how important it is to the success of your hunt by practicing out on a clay range before coming up. It makes all the difference in the world. I had a client who did not harvest his limit every time but had the opportunity to do so on every hunt. At the end of the trip, I handed his birds to him and he was very disappointed.  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to shoot so whatever he shot that was it.

This past season my groups average 60 birds per day for a group of 5-6 hunters. I know that might not be the highest number but a lot depends on the shooter. Most of the shooting is decoying birds within 30 yards.  In addition, we mainly hunt out of first class willow blinds with swivel chairs so the hunters can stand up to shoot rather than laying down and sitting up. It makes a huge difference.

One of the greatest coaches in college football was Bud Wilkerson of the Oklahoma Sooners. They ask him what made Oklahoma such a great team. He answer was practice, practice, practice. Being prepared before you come on to the field and you’ll be successful. That applies to a lot of things including having a successful hunt in Saskatchewan.

I know it’s still a few months away but before you know it will be here. We still have a few good openings left. Give me a call or email me for more information. We want you to have a successful hunt and good shooting.