Great scouting and good guides equal great hunts. Every morning we are normally up at 3:00 am and out the door by 3:30 to meet our clients around 4:00.

When we arrive at the field we have already planned which part of the field to hunt, wind direction for the blind and decoys plus hiding the vehicles. Hopefully everything comes together and the hunters will get plenty of shooting. That’s the game plan. Now back to scouting.

In order to have a successful hunt it requires someone with the knowledge and background to know what they are looking for in finding the right field. A scout has to determine how many birds are in the field, how the birds are spread out, how to get in and out of the field, how long have they been feeding in that field, which direction the birds are coming from etc.  Afterwards they may have to sit there till dark to see which way they leave the field.

It takes someone who is willing to put in the windshield time to make a hunt successful. It may take driving all day before finding the right field.

I normally have at least 3 trucks going all the time looking for birds.

In the end the clients normally praise the guide for having a successful hunt. However, once you are on the X and the field has been scouted properly then the guide has the easier part. It’s like this, scouting is 80% and guiding is 20% of the hunt. That’s my 2 cents. I’m not taking anything away from the guide’s part but without the scout it would not work.

The clients may never see the scout but he is the go to guy in setting up a hunt to remember. So the next time when you are back at the lodge and want to know more about the field you hunted, let me introduce you to the guy who scouted that field. He will be more than glad to visit with you. It’s all part of experiencing a quality shoot in Canada with Bay Prairie Outfitters.

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