This past season I had to retire the best dog I’ve ever own. Billy is a black lab I purchased from my friend Paul Toal of Altiquin Labradors who lives in Ireland. I bought him already fully trained at 3 years old. He was magnificent from the start. He was not just a great retriever but also part of my family. It’s hard to see him now slowing down and starting to develop health problems but he’s 12 years old. Something I have to accept. In the field he was not the fastest dog and did not particularly care to swim but being in Saskatchewan it doesn’t matter since we rarely hunt the water. His love for retrieving and his nose were second to none. If there was a bird on the ground Billy would find it. Everyone who came in contact with Billy knew he was special. In his prime he could go toe to toe with the best of them in the field.

I’ve had a lot of clients asked me why did I buy a dog from Ireland? There are plenty of good dogs here in the US. This is very true and there are plenty of great trainers. The reason being is I felt in my business this type of dog is what I wanted to have not only in the field but at home.
I researched the web before buying Billy and contacted Paul Toal. There are a lot of great trainers both in the US and Overseas but Paul’s approach to training and his quality of dogs were the deciding factors for me. I’ve purchase 3 great dogs from Paul and now have one who will step up to take Billy’s place.

Hunting waterfowl and having a good dog makes for a great experience. In my personal view you want your clients to have good shooting but also see a good well trained dog work.

In Saskatchewan this season I will have just one dog. His name is Cash and I hope he enjoys it as much as Billy did.

Good Hunting.

Mike Ladnier
Bay Prairie Outfitters