This summary is from one of my guides who guided for me in Texas for over 20 years.

The same principals still apply today in Saskatchewan.

From the time you wake up until you leave camp, run every hunt as if it were your last. Actually if you are lucky enough to work for an outfitter that let’s you scout the field that you will be hunting , make mental notes the day before like:

  • Which way do the levees run
  • Which part of the field do the geese really want to be in, etc.

Some guides really do not know what it takes to assume the title. People spend a lot of money to go hunting with a professional guide. Don’t pretend to be a professional guide if you can’t give them 100% effort every hunt. Understand that a successful hunt isn’t always about having a truckload of geese or ducks. An example that comes to mind is what I call the 10 bird rule. The rule is simple. Most paying clients would rather shoot 10 decoying geese than 20 pass shooting from a hedge row. The hunts that clients remember are the ones that the geese decoyed well within shooting range for high percentage shots. If they remember shooting birds from a hedge row or a pick-up, it usually has negative connotations and only destroys your credibility as a professional. Geese/ducks are not going to decoy perfectly every day. Some days it’s the weather. You always hear excuses like there was no wind or it was too clear. Remember your efforts will not go unnoticed by clients. Efforts like calling birds or maybe even straightening decoys that have blown over. Just sitting there waiting for the morning to pass also destroys credibility.

Effort and return customers go hand in hand.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some best guides in the business.

Come experience a hunt of a lifetime with professional guides at Bay Prairie Outfitters Saskatchewan Canada. We give our clients 100% effort every day.