This will be my 10th year in operation up in Saskatchewan. Every year it’s different. What I mean by that is the crops are different due to rotation and what is normally planted is based on the demand.

The number one cash crop in Saskatchewan is canola and then followed by wheat. I maybe wrong in that assessment but that’s what I hear from most of the farmers. In addition, they plant oats, barley, lentils, soybean, yellow peas, chickpeas, soybean, flax and corn. What we look for in our area mainly is wheat, barley, peas and oats. Geese and ducks hardly get into Canola. If they do it’s very rare. The fields we mainly look for early are the pea fields. Normally if you find a pea field you are going to find birds. From what I understand there was a shortage of peas internationally last season and we had a bumper crop of peas everywhere. The hunting was outstanding to say the least.

This coming year the farmers I’ve spoke with are going mainly with canola and wheat. There will be all the other cereal crops planted but it will depend on demand.

What I’m getting at for those who have not hunted in Canada, this is where you can benefit by booking with a good outfitter. We will have the fields lined up and ready to hunt. The areas we hunt are huge. I have at least 3 trucks out scouting to find the best possible hunt for that morning or afternoon. Rarely do we hunt the same field morning and afternoon. If we do it’s normally stacked up with birds.

I’m looking forward to this coming season. It’s not too early to plan your hunt. Also, all you need to bring are your clothes and boots. We provide everything else. My operation is very turnkey. If you need details on our hunts just email me or give me a call.

Good Hunting.

Mike Ladnier
Bay Prairie Outfitters